A fusionist known for intense bass and intricate drumplay, DJ and producer Hagan has built a name for himself by blending the sounds of UK funky and garage with those connected to his Ghanaian heritage.

Raised in Croydon and Mitcham, Hagan grew up in a house that played palm wine music, highlife, hiplife and gospel music; listening to the likes of Ebo Taylor, Gyedu-Blay Ambolley, Pat Thomas and K. Frimpong, to name a few.

Starting off making UK funky beats— it wasn’t long before Hagan found himself embedded in the burgeoning post-dubstep, 130 BPM bass scene. Now years later, Hagan’s sound has developed – still retaining much of that UK bass grit, but employing a myriad of tempos, genres, and energies.