Culoe De song


Culoe De Song is a South African producer, remixer and DJ. His first name, Culolethu, is an IsiZulu name meaning “our song”, and he is known as Culo or Culoe meaning “song”. This Afro house heavyweight released his first album, A Giant Leap, in 2009, which went gold and won him numerous award nominations. In 2011, he released his second album Elevation with the help of Kindness Khupe, a Zimbabwean-born tribal mix DJ. Culoe De Song won Best Male Artist for the 2014 Metro FM Awards for his album ‘Exodus’ (2013), which was featured on Rolling Stone’s (South Africa) Top 500 Albums of 2013. He has collaborated and

performed with international acts such as Black Coffee and French deep house producer/DJ Rocco, and taken the stage internationally alongside acts such as Manoo and Vinny Da Vinci.