Manya Festival 2024 - Amsterdamse Bos - The Netherlands



The minimum age for Manya Festival is 18. Please note that there is a ID check at the entrance. 

The festival is on the 31st of August at Amsterdamse Bos. Address is Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, 1187 NW Amstelveen.

Opening times are from 12:00 – 23:00. 

This ticket is valid from 12:00 till 21:00 (entrance)

You can only enter Manya Festival if you are in possession of a valid ticket. Valid tickets can be obtained via the official Manya website and Ticketswap. Once purchased, tickets can not be returned.

We strongly advise not to buy any tickets through a third-party reseller or non-official partners. 

The security company and ORGANISATION HAVE the right to deny entrance if you do not have a valid identity document on you, without the right to refund


Every visitor that enters the Manya Festival will be checked by a security employee. It’s allowed to request the search to be executed by an employee of the same sex. This check is set to all visitors, guests, employees, suppliers and artists. Refusing the check will lead to denied access to the festival terrain.

The bag allowed at the terrain can be a maximum of A4 size.

The following is not allowed at the festival. When noticed, your access will be denied without the right to a refund. 

  • Food 
  • Harddrugs. Weed is allowed as long you comply with having no more than 5 grams (legally allowed) on you. Selling drugs is strictly forbidden. When noticed, you’ll be handed over to the police. 
  • Glassware 
  • Pets 
  • (Alcoholic) drinks 
  • Drinkware  
  • Objects that may be used as a weapon 
  • Items with discriminating or provocative texts and or expressions 
  • Professional video-, audio-, camera-, photo equipment 
  • Spray cans (such as – but not limited to – deodorant, sunscreen, perfume) 

Professional equipment is not allowed on the festival unless you have received permission from the organization. Mobile phones and digital cameras without detachable lenses are allowed. 

Promotional activities, sales and or trades are prohibited from the event. Consent from the organization needs to be given beforehand. 

The program is subject to change. However, if there are any significant changes in the program we will communicate this through our socials. There will be no refunds because of any changes in the program. 

It is forbidden to climb on the stages, fences, buildings and any other objects. It is also not allowed to take any objects from the festival. 

It is not allowed to enter a toilet cabin with multiple people. Also, it is not allowed to urinate outside of the designated facilities. 

Directions and instructions from the staff must be followed at all times. Security staff has the right to body search or remove you from the festival when rules are being violated. 


For press inquiries and information/collaboration requests, please email: 

Lost something? Go to our info stand on the festival site for lost & found items.  

Because of the size of the festival and the sound produced, it is possible to experience nuisance for nearby residents.

We will however stick to the measures we’ve received from Gemeente Amstelveen at all times. There will also be noise measurements from certified companies throughout the day at several different spots on the festival site to check on this.

Because of changing weather conditions and changing wind direction, it is very difficult to tell where the nuisance will be.

We strive to keep it to a minimum as much as possible. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us at

Manya Festival and its employees can’t be held accountable for any damages or injuries. Entering the festival site is at your own risk. 

If you still have a question, please contact 


Personalizing your ticket is easy. Go to your order status page by clicking the ‘Download 

your tickets’ button in your order confirmation email. The order status page will automatically 

show you the input fields for the next ticket needing personalisation. 

Once you’ve completed this step, your ticket will become available for download if they are 

not sealed.

Your Manya E-ticket can be scanned from your phone. Make sure you download the ticket upfront, have your battery charged, and turn your screen brightness up fully at the entrance. 


You cannot re-enter with the same ticket after leaving the terrain. All Manya tickets can only be scanned once.

If you bought a ticket but lost the confirmation mail or didn’t receive it, click here to find your tickets. 

You can pay with Klarna, iDeal, Creditcard, Paypal and Sofort. 

Yes, each page will have an individual ticket with its own QR code. You can send these 

tickets to your friends and enter separately. 

It is not possible to cancel your tickets after the purchase. However, you can resell your ticket on Ticketswap. 

Sealed Tickets are tickets that become available for download shortly before an event starts. 

Sealed tickets are designed to prevent fraud and discourage unfair trading of tickets. 

Your tickets will become available for download shortly before the event. You can see the 

date and time they will become available on the order status page. 

You can only sell your sealed tickets via TicketSwap. 

  • Step 1

If you want to sell your ticket(s), you’ll need to go to the order status page. You can reach the 

order status page through the ‘Download your tickets’ link in the confirmation email of your 


  • Step 2

Scroll down until you see the section titled ‘Changed your mind or can’t go?’. Click on this button and you will be forwarded to the resale platform and will be able to 

resell your sealed tickets. 

These tickets are available: 

Early entry tickets – 45,- 

The early entry tickets are valid until 14:30 on the day of the festival. After this your ticket will not be valid anymore and you’ll have to pay the difference to receive a door ticket. The price for a door ticket is 99,-. 

Phase 1 ticket:
€ 56,-

Phase 1 group ticket:
€ 50,40 per person

(Group tickets are 4 tickets).

Phase 2 ticket:
€ 63,50 

Phase 2 group ticket:
€ 57,25 per person

(Group tickets are 4 tickets). 

Phase 3 ticket:
€ 75,- 

Phase 3 group ticket:
€ 67,50 per person

(Group tickets are 4 tickets).

Phase 4 ticket:
€ 95,-

Final Tickets:
€ 99,-

Premium Deck Ticket:
€ 150,-



You can travel to Manya by bike, shuttle bus or public transport. It is NOT possible to travel to Manya Festival by car as we are a car-free festival.

Right next to the entrance will be a bicycle storage. Navigate to Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen. There will be signs along the road to guide you to the entrance/bicycle storage. 

Shuttle bus 


Public transport 

The address for the entrance of the festival is Nieuwe Meerlaan 1, Amstelveen.  

From Schiphol Airport you can take the following buses: 

180 – Cirkellijn 

Get out at ‘Knooppunt Oost, Schiphol’. It’s a 13 minute walk from here. 

199 – Amstelveen Busst. via Schiphol Oost/Westwijk 

Get out at ‘Knooppunt Oost, Schiphol’. It’s a 13 minute walk from here. 

186 – Amstelveen Busst. via Schiphol Oost 

Get out at ‘Nieuwe Meerlaan’. It’s a 6 minute walk from here. 

It is not possible to park the car anywhere near the festival terrain. You can travel to Manya by bike, shuttle bus or public transport.